Amerune Bengals



Tedith Tahlia
Magestic Pride Spot On x Wildside Sparkle

Tahlia is our beautiful bengal queen for 2009, she has lovely rich colouring and rosettes, wonderful glitter, a long lean body, small ears, puffy whisker pads and a thick tail. She is an inquisitive cat and is always interested in our activities especially helping us on the computer. Tahlia is affectionate cat who loves to curl up with us when she’s ready for a nap.

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Tedith Fleur
Magestic Pride Spot On x Wildside Sparkle

Fleur is our striking Bengal queen for 2009, she has fantastic contrast and dark rosettes with an exceptionally silky luxurious coat which glitters beautifully, she has great type with small ears and a straight profile that really show off her wild look. Fleur is a little monkey, she loves to play and is the leader of all kitty mischief, she is sweet natured and likes to cuddle up with her sister Tahlia or with us.

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Tedith Starlight
Wildside Guns A Blazin’ x Wicca Sheera

Tedith Bridget is our gorgeous seal mink Bengal queen for 2010, she has well-defined honey coloured rosettes contrasting with a light background, small well-set ears, a lovely profile, prominent whisker pads and a thick tail. Bridget has a kind nature, she loves her cuddles when she’s sleepy however when she’s wide awake she is quite an adventurous girl, ready to investigate anything new in the house and always eager to follow us around and keep an eye on what we are doing.

Bridget's Gallery